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Clients deserve to be treated as individuals, not account numbers. We will never treat our client’s as just a dollar figure.

James Miller, Founder

Agent Black Hosting was founded in 2007 by James Miller out of a desire to provide clients with a better hosting experience than what he received from the “big fish” in the industry. After experiencing slow servers, slow support, off-shore support that didn’t understand the issue, James felt that he could do things better.

James purchased a small reseller’s package from a provider that offered better services than the “big fish” and he embarked on the journey. The early years were plagued with common growing pains however James stayed the course and used those growing pains as learning experiences. One of James’ primary focuses of the business is to not treat people like account numbers. Having received that kind of treatment from other vendors, James sought to make Agent Black different than the rest. To this day, clients are treated as individuals, with a focus on their specific needs, rather than just an account number and dollar signs.

In 2018, Agent Black moved its entire operations into a centralized facility in Tampa, Florida with an industry leading vendor. Through this collaboration, Agent Black was able to grow it’s operations while containing costs. With access to over 40 datacenter locations around the globe, Agent Black was able to leverage the ability to place hardware almost anywhere a client needed it.

In late 2023, Agent Black made the strategic decision to abandon its offering of cPanel Control Panel services due to the ongoing price hikes from the vendor with no justifiable return on investment. These price increases were forcing Agent Black to pass on a lot of added expenses that we felt should not be borne by our clients. After extensive testing, Agent Black selected Interworx Control Panel as our new shared hosting control panel of choice. We’re excited to be offering this solution to our client base and we have already seen a return on the investment from lower hardware utilization rates, exceptional support, and a streamlined interface that our clients have enjoyed.

Along with the change in shared hosting control panel, Agent Black also took advantage of the next generation of server hardware and upgraded its shared hosting environment and back end infrastructure by partnering with another industry leading vendor. Through this strategic partnership, Agent Black will now be positioned to expand into new areas including colocation, ProxMox Virtual Private Servers, and more!

We’re excited for the future and we hope that you will come along with us on this journey. Let us show you how we’re different and why you belong with Agent Black Hosting.

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